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Budget-Friendly Lightsabers for beginners.

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Unique and exclusive designs for intermedates

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High-End Lightsabers for collectors and experienced cosplayers

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An extraordinary collection of luxury lightsabers designed exclusively for the most discerning experts and passionate collectors.

Shop Neopixel Lightsabers from Tatooine Sabers and experience the finest custom lightsabers available. From durable blades and amazing sound effects to super bright LEDs and quality craftsmanship, these lightsabers are built for battle. To create a quality lightsaber that is safe and easy to use for entertainment and cosplay.

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This is why Tatooine Lightsabers is famous for, we got all the premium Neopixel blades and lightsabers collection. At Tatooine Lightsabers, you’ll get primitive inspired neopixel lightsabers that can be used for combat and dueling. Definitely, these aren’t the cheap ones but quite affordable considering their built quality and features.

"My son who has been obsessed with
Star Wars since forever! He plays with this
lightsaber every day and has nothing but fun with it. This saber is a fantastic piece,the lights are vibrant and the sounds are perfect...."

Karen Simpson

Happy customer

‘’Love the new saber. Love that I can change the colors to switch from Sith to Jedi.’’

Axel Barrows

Verified customer

"I bought my saber after years of wanting it, the price was good so I bought one being even a little skeptical. As soon as it arrived I was blown away and purchased a second one a few days later.
Great for dueling with my wife over who gets to do the dishes."

Abigail Clark

Loyal Customer