Production Time

Production Time

Most of Tatooine Lightsabers products are made-to-order by our team of engeneers at our workshop. Due to the nature of this work, most products require 2-5 days of production time.
While we attempt to keep many items in stock, Tatooine Lightsabers cannot guarantee the immediate availability of all our products due to high demand.
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Email is the best way to contact us - we take it very seriously. A knowledgeable person will respond to you within 1 business day, often much sooner. You'll get real answers and any needed follow-up. That's our promise to you.
If you have questions about the availability of certain products, please contact us via email at, Monday through Friday 8AM - 4PM.


Our sabers are CNC-machined from very strong aluminum alloys (the same ones you can find in aerospace machinery, bicycle frames...), and offer beautiful finishes while enclosing a machined polycarbonate frame that maintains and protects all the electronics, from shocks , atmospheric degradation, alteration and dust.

Are those sabers made for fighting and dueling? Well, our sabers can practically handle heavy contact duels. The handles are very sturdy and the blades are incredibly strong.


To bring out the inner child in people, and be the light that sparks joy, ispiration & a sense of wonder.