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Unveil the extraordinary Midnight Blossom Saber, a collector's masterpiece that draws inspiration from the legendary Knight of the Flowers. Prepare to be captivated by the unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail embodied in this saber, a true testament to the chivalry and grace of its inspiration.

Crafted with utmost precision, the Midnight Blossom Saber boasts a hilt meticulously forged from aerospace-grade aluminum. Every curve, every contour, meticulously designed to pay homage to the noble elegance of the famed knight's weapon. As you hold this masterpiece in your hand, you'll feel the weight of history and honor it carries.

Whether you're a seasoned collector seeking the pinnacle of craftsmanship or an aspiring hero looking to wield a symbol of chivalry, the Midnight Blossom Saber stands ready to fulfill your desires. Limited in quantity and unparalleled in quality, this collectible is your chance to own a piece of legend, a tribute to the ideals of honor, courage, and gallantry. Don't miss your opportunity to embrace the legacy of the Knight of the Flowers with this enchanting and empowering masterpiece.


    Removable bladeSmooth swingInfinite colors (All lightsaber colors included).9 Different sound fontsSound effects: Ignition, Motion, Deflecting, Clash, Blaster BlockFlash on clashMade for duelling

    Nenopixel - Ultimate

    Removable bladeOver 250 LEDs in the blade itself. Allowing for the most realistic saber experience.Infinite colors (All lightsaber colors included).Gesture controllable. (Turning on/off).Smooth swing21 Different sound fonts + the ability to customize sound fonts.Sound effects: Ignition, Motion, Deflecting, Clash, Blaster BlockFlash on clash

    Proffie Neopixel

    The ultimate saber.Removable blade.Over 250 LEDs in the blade itself. Allowing for the most realistic saber experience ever.Infinite colors (All lightsaber colors included).Gesture controllable. (Turning on/off).Smooth swing5 Different ignitions + the ability to customize ignitions. 21 Different sound fonts + the ability to customize sound fonts.Sound effects: Ignition, Motion, Deflecting, Clash, Blaster BlockFlash on clash.

    Neopixel and Premium, what's the difference?
    Many lightsaber fans wonder what the difference is between a Neopixel lightsaber and an Premium lightsaber.
    Below we explain the different functions of Premuim and Neopixel soundboards so you can make a good choice.
    Premium Lightsabers
    Each Tatooine Lightsabers is basically equipped with an extra strong 12 Watt RGB LED lamp and comes with a reinforced polycarbonate sword blade. The lamp is located underneath or inside the emitter. The emitter is the upper part of the handle. This lamp shines through the hollow light transmitting sword blade from bottom to top. The sword blade has light amplifying foil on the inside. Also, the tip also contains special reflector layer. This collectively ensures a good even distribution of light throughout the sword blade.
    This makes the sword blade of an Premuim lightsaber very light. Lighter than a Neopixel variant and therefore an Premuim lightsaber lends itself even better to realistic dueling.
    Premium Premuim lightsabers offer the possibility to choose from different colors and are equipped with an extra bright 12 Watt bulb. This can be done with 10 preset colors or by slowly changing colors. In this way, every color imaginable is available. In addition, the lightsaber has as many as 10 different sound types with different volumes and a silent mode.
    Each Premuim lightsaber has the following features.
    • 10+ sound types
    • 12 colors
    • Smooth swing
    • Effects (flash on clash, blade lock, blaster deflect)
    • Three volume modes (mute, soft, loud)
    Neopixel Lightsabers
    For those who want to get just a little extra out of their lightsaber, the Neopixel variant is a good choice. The Neopixel lightsaber is lit in a different way than the standard Premuim versions. In Neopixel lightsabers, a 40 or watt LED strip is incorporated into the sword blade. Thanks to this LED strip, the entire sword blade is evenly lit and not just from the bottom of the sword blade as is the case with an Premuim model. The light intensity of the Neopixels is thus much brighter. The colors also come out better.
    Because the LED strip is processed through the entire sword blade, this allows for more realistic functions. One of these functions quickly becomes apparent when lighting up the sword blade. This is because the sword blade will light up from bottom to top, making it seem as if the lightsaber really extends.
    Because the LED strip is incorporated throughout the blade, it is heavier compared to the Premium RGB lightsabers. In addition, due to the sensitivity of the LED strip, the sword blade can break if it is hit or dueled too hard. Therefore, we recommend not hitting or dueling with the Neopixel lightsabers at full power.
    Different varieties of Neopixel
    Tatooine Lightsabers currently offers two different Neopixel variants:
    - Neopixel-Ultimate X3
    - Proffie 2.2 Neopixel
    Neopixel Ultimate
    Where the Standard Neopixel variant gives a more realistic look by upgrading the sword blade, the Neopixel-Ultimate soundboard offers many more features and upgrades. This is because it has a Xenopixel v2 soundboard.
    First, compared to the Premuim RGB and Standard Neopixel, the Neopixel-Ultimate has a much better sensor and chipset. As a result, the smooth swing function is many times better and the sound responds significantly more realistically to movement. Also, the sensitivity of the sensor is relatively easy to adjust via the computer.
    The improved electronics in a Neopixel-Ultimate lightsaber also makes it possible to control the lightsaber through motion instead of just using the button. For example, the lightsaber can be turned on and off, its color changed, music played and sound type changed through motion.
    The Neopixel-Ultimate soundboard has seven different blade styles. This provides the ability to leave the lightsaber on in different styles. The seven blade styles are as follows:
    • Steady, the sword blade fires evenly
    • Pulse, the sword blade has a slow pulsing light effect
    • Unstable, the sword blade pulses
    • Flame, the sword blade continuously lights stronger from bottom to top
    • Rainbow, the sword blade has all colors simultaneously
    • Candy, the sword blade has all colors at once
    • Cracked, the sword blade is even but gives occasional flashes
    In addition to the different blade styles, you can also choose between 10 different ways the sword lights up.
    • Standard
    • Hunter
    • Scavenger
    • Phaser
    • Warp
    • Photon
    • Stack
    • Broken
    • Blaster
    • Ghost
    The video below shows much of the different start up style:
    The Neopixel-Ultimate sound board is equipped with a 16GB SD card. On this card there are more than 40 different sound types! Sounds can be added and also background music can be set which can be turned on through motion control.
    It is possible to add sounds and music yourself and configure settings. This can be done through the included USB stick and SD card. On the SD card is the folder "SET", which contains the document "Config". In this document the following things can be configured.
    - On / off motion control functions on or off.
    - Sensitivity of functions and the sensor set.
    - Length of the blade set
    - Start up style timing adjust
    - Font presets configure and compile (standard combination of sound type, color, start up style, blade style and timing)

    It is also possible to perform updates and use future new features such as additional blade and start up styles. Sabers always come with the latest firmware so updating is not necessary for the first 6.
    Last but certainly not least, the Neopixel-Ultimate offers more effects than the Premuim RGB and Standard Neopixel including:
    • Blaster deflect precision
    • Melt / Tip drag
    • Blade lock precision
    All in all, this makes the Neopixel-Ultimate variant the most realistic, versatile and plug and play lightsaber that requires no technical knowledge.
    Neopixel-Ultimate X3
    Neopixel-Ultimate X3 works exactly the same as the Neopixel-Ultimate described above, but instead of the Xenopixel v2 board, it is equipped with the Xenopixel v3 board including a bluetooth module, so that the various functions can all be easily operated via a mobile phone with the Xeno Configurator app. The app works on both Android and iOS. Neopixel-Ultimate X3 is currently only available for most Legendary category sabers.
    Proffie 2.2
    For the true lightsaber connoisseur who wants to fully customize all functions on the lightsaber we have the Proffie 2.2 Neopixel soundboard. This soundboard is fully customizable. Countless startup effects, blade styles and sound and light effects can be found and downloaded on various forums. Those who are really handy can even record their own sounds and develop effects. Note, however, that because the Proffie 2.2 soundboard is fully customizable it does require a bit more time, your own research and computer skills to master. Plenty of tutorials can be found on various forums and Youtube.
    We have listed the differences for you below:
    Should there still be questions or ambiguities, please feel free to contact us!


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