About Us

Founded in 2016 by three people, Tatooine Lightsabers was born out of a passion for a certain galaxy far, far away... and above all to bring high quality sabers to life.

Starting from a small desk, we embarked on our mission to make custom sabers that were fully functional and duel-ready, but most importantly, well-made and originally designed. It was a long and arduous journey, but also a deeply rewarding one in which we had the opportunity to bring so much fun, excitement and joy to people all over the world with our sabers. It was in this way that we felt we had finally found our calling.

Today Tatooine Lightsabers is a company that epitomizes the quality saber experience. In addition to continually refining our sabers in terms of design, features, and options, we believe that interaction with us is equally important. We strive to deliver on this promise through open communication, transparency, and honesty. We aim to do everything right: from providing the best customer service and support, to creating an elegant weapon that exceeds expectations, while meeting promised delivery times. We do all this because, ultimately, we want YOU to have a realistic and memorable experience with us with our sabers.

This is the way.