1 x Fully Assembled Aircraft Aluminium Metal Hilt Saber Made To Your Chosen Options
1 x Durable Polycarbonate Saber Blade (Removable)
1 x USB Rechargeable Battery (installed)
1 x USB Fast Charging Cable
1 x Saber User Manual
1 x Spare Tool Kit
The Saber is fully built and operational upon delivery (no technical knowledge needed)
Premium (included As Standard)
Offering 9 fixed sound fonts, and a built in settings menu, Premium Electronics are a great all around option (and are included as standard). Use the button on the hilt to change colour, blade effects, volume settings and soundfonts. Take a look at the Electronics Comparison to see all the features included.
Duel-ready + Removable Blade
Unlimited Blade LED Colour Selection
9 Unique Sound Fonts
Velocity Detecting Smooth Swing
1 Year FREE FULL Saber & Duelling Warranty
USB Charger + Rechargable Battery
Easy Navigational Single Switch

Neopixel-Ultimate (Upgrade)

Neopixel-Ultimate offers 9 sound fonts with infinite sound effects and infinite changeable blade colour options. You can easily change all colours and fonts at any time just using the button on the hilt. Electronics also feature smooth swing and force effects for the most realistic saber experience possible. Ultimate sabers include a Neopixel blade with smooth ignition and high-grade precise response effects allowing for the most immersive saber experience possible, as well as an SD card enabling the modification of colours, sound fonts, and blade effects (including support for smooth swing fonts). Also the ability to edit the Flash-on-clash colour, volume, sensitivity and more.

Neopixel blades feature an LED strip within the blade which allows for a more realistic LED effects and features. Neopixel blades are non-duelling blades and not rated for full contact duelling.

Proffie 2.0 Neopixel 

Customize your saber directly from your PC. Add your own effects and sounds.
Also new built-in sounds and effects, improved and smooth sound system and swing. Make your saber unique and inimitable.